Mar 19, 2015
Tinnitracks Hopes To Cure That Ringing In Your Ears

That post-concert ringing in your ears will no longer be a problem with German startup company Sonormed’s latest app design Tinnitracks, which claims to cure even the most piercing tinnitus symptoms.

Tinnitus manifests in a person’s brain as a phantom noise, usually a ringing, hissing, or roaring effect. Media website Engadget defines the sensation to be “abnormal hyperactivity in the brain’s auditory cortex,” which Tinnitracks targets through specialized audio therapy.

Using your own music, the app modifies a track’s musical structure and removes certain frequencies that cause the hyperactivity in your brain. Upon playback of the newly modified track, your brain’s natural neuroplasticity, or ability to adapt, normalizes the perceived ringing in your ears to effectively rid you of the annoying sensation.

Tinnitracks was one of nine finalists in the SXSW Accelerator competition which saw over 500 web-based entries this year. So for all you concert goers and club fanatics, this app might save you when your ear plugs fail to block out that unrelenting bass.

Tinnitracks is not yet available worldwide, but you can head to their website for more info here.

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