Nov 24, 2014
Celebrate ‘Cansgiving’ With Canblaster’s Remix Of Tinashe
Tinashe - Indigo Child (Canblaster Remix)

In honor of his self-made Thanksgiving hashtag #cansgiving, Canblaster (pictured) is offering a free download of his remix of Tinashe’s Indigo Child, and it’s definitely something to be thankful for.

Canblaster has taken Tinashe’s track, originally a 90-second interlude, and stretched it into a seductive 3-minute remix. The first half of the remix starts innocently with a focus on Tinashe’s angelic vocals before a sub-bass growl breaks the tension for a grimy contrast. The robotic phrases give the track’s R&B origins a sinister quality to really drive home the meaning of Tinashe’s lyrics, “I can feel your heart stop. I can see the future.”

In addition to this remix, Canblaster announced on his Instagram that there will be more #cansgiving surprises to come and revealed that he and the Club Cheval crew have an album on the way.

Grab your free download of the remix here.

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