Nov 25, 2013
Infrasonic Says It’s Time For #138
John Newall - Time Will Tell (Original Mix) [#138]

It’s initially slightly unnerving to come across a great track on Beatport and find that it’s the only release on the label. It becomes pretty interesting, however, when you realize it’s the first release from a new label. Combining the popular concepts of hashtags and BPM value, #138 is the latest label under the Infrasonic brand. It may sound familiar–Armin has his own label based on the magic 138 BPM figure. Much like the Armada label, Infrasonic’s project also features a misleading title–it’s only their first release, and it’s at 140 BPM. Maybe “138” rolls of the tongue better, but who cares? Because if the debut is anything to go by, the tempo of the track is the last thing on anyone’s mind.

Time Will Tell is the latest release from Scottish producer John Newall, and the man is a good choice to launch the label. It’s everything you’d want from a big, uplifting trance track– fast basslines, belting percussion, and a huge riff. It has a hint of 1998 about it, and much like that legendary melody, treads a fine line between the “happy” and “sad” of major and minor chord progressions. It’s the same story in the arrangement, with some serious, gritty synth lines, and some light and airy plucks sharing the same soundspace.

The resurgence of this style of trance is gaining more weight by the day, and Time Will Tell is a great introduction to another major force for the genre, so grab it now, and support the cause.