Sep 11, 2010
Tiesto's Need for Speed
Tiesto - Speed Rail (Original Mix)

Although it may be hard to recover from the fish out of water that was Kaleidoscope, Tiesto has returned to bringing EDM listeners the quality beats they desire. I have to say that aside from his poorly received fifth studio album, Tiesto has had an astounding year. His collaboration with Diplo, C’mon, and his remix of Dirty South’s Phazing have both been rockin’. Yes, it sort of worried me that the legendary DJ Tiesto was moving too much towards cardboard mainstream music, but his 2010 releases, including his most recent Speed Rail act as a clear testament against that notion.

Speed Rail immediately drops into a very kinetic, driven beat. The entrance of the uplifting melody is greeted ever-so-nonchalantly by the song’s first breakdown. There is also a bit more of a minimal feel to this track at times because there are multiple shorter drops, rather than a couple of huge ones. As a listener, you get a real sense of urgency and haste when listening to this song as it quickly brings you through the ups and downs of a whole trance song in the matter of just four minutes. I wouldn’t call this the trance track of the year by any means, but I’m happy to see the man who made trance what it is finally bringing us the tracks that made him who he is.

UPDATE: This track is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Juno. Enjoy!

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