Jun 17, 2013
Tiesto Releases Three Collaborations With Dyro, DJ Punish, MOTi
Tiesto & DJ Punish - Shocker [Musical Freedom]
Tiesto & MOTi - Back To The Acid (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]
Tiesto & Dyro - Paradise (Original Mix) [Musical Freedom]

For the amount of time he’s spent under it, you’d think Tijs Verwest, better known as Tiesto, was born under the spotlight. The prominent Dutch dance figure has had a copious amount of number one singles, headlining tours and appearances at the world’s largest festivals, but how many times has he released three banging tracks in 24 hours? Aided by the likes of Dyro, MOTi, and DJ Punish, Tiesto has taken it upon his own Musical Freedom to unleash three vastly different, yet equally destructive collaborations: Shocker, Back To the Acid, and Paradise.

The first tune, Shocker, is the electro power house of the dynamic trio. Oozing with energy and simplistic, cutting edge synth work, Shocker is amped up and ready to jolt the dance community one stage at a time. Offering his spin on acid house, Tiesto teams up with MOTi to take you back to the pulsating and vibrant sounds of the 303, making him the latest artist to make a push to bring the acid back. Rounding out the trio is Paradise, a progressive masterpiece that Tiesto and Dyro absolutely crushed out of the park. One of my favorite tunes of the year, it boasts a riveting sub-bass and houses one of the most unforgettable melodies you’ll hear. Tiesto certainly lived up to his name with this set of tunes, which will all be included in his forthcoming Club Life Vol. 3 – Stockholm that is set to release tomorrow. Head on over to Tiesto’s Beatport page to pick up these tunes and get ready for one of the most high-powered Club Life’s yet.

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