Dec 02, 2011
TiËsto @ Lavo NY
Coldplay vs Tiesto vs Steve Aoki - Tornado Paradise (Niko Toscany Mashup)

I’ve seen some things at Lavo NY, including champagne arks, but nothing had quite prepared me for the madness that ensued when Tiësto came to town last night. If you have been to Lavo before, or at least in its proximity for its normal Thursday night festivities, you know that things can get pretty crazy at the door. Multiply whatever you’ve seen by twenty, and that’s how the scene outside was last night. After Phantom and I fought our way to the door in an effort that almost ripped the clothes off of my body, we entered Lavo’s wonderland, where resident DJ Drek Martinez was spinning an uplifting house set in normal Lavo fashion. Then, around 1am, Tiësto took to the decks.

Being able to see someone like Tiësto in a small setting like Lavo is not something you get to experience every day; I felt very privileged to be among the crowd. Tiësto forewent his current harder sound that he has been pushing out for lighter, more uplifting fare–a good move given the crowd at this venue. One of the most interesting points of focus during the night had to have been Tiësto’s flashy silver headphones, which gave him that “cut above” appeal that he often goes for. Everyone was having a spectacular time, including myself, although I will say that I expected Lavo to distinguish the evening visually a bit more from the rest of its shows given the size of Tiësto’s name. Nevertheless, bartenders and dancers in “I <3 Tiësto" shirts let partygoers know that this was not your standard NY "Meatpacking District-esque" night out--these guys were there for the DJ.

Photo credit: KirillWasHere

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