Sep 09, 2011
Tick… Tick… DROP
Avicii - Levels (Clockwork Remix)
Clockwork - Two Left Feet (Original Mix) [Wearhouse]

Rising star Clockwork has carved out a nice fanbase since his production start in 2009, and it seems the LA thoroughbred wants a bigger slice of pie. His summer-released remix of Avicii’s stellar track Levels has had a major amount of rotation from several big-name DJs, helping earn Clockwork some seriously legit slots in upcoming festivals such as this year’s Hard: Haunted Mansion.

Clockwork’s big-bass sound isn’t something new to the game, but the finesse involved in dropping the right amount is a skill acquired by those who are truly talented. His original track Two Left Feet perfectly proves that point with it’s nearly complextro, beat-driven house drop. Half of me is shocked to be saying this but it’s wild to see the level of innovation still increasing so steadily. At some point in history there may not be much more creativity to put into music, but that point is far down the road.

Lookout for Clockwork touring near you; this guy’s got a house sound that’s ripe for the new-age. Also anticipate a huge 3-track EP from the now NY-based producer on none other than the legendary Dim Mak label.

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