Jun 03, 2012
Three Cheers For Scot Project
Scot Project - W1 (Original Mix) [Druck]
Scot Project - W3 (Original Mix) [Druck]
Scot Project - W4 (Original Mix) [Druck]

As usual, German producer and underground legend Scot Project knocks it out of the park with his new EP, W (Whooo). I’m not sure if he was trying to get us to cheer or make owl noises with a title like that, but no matter–the tracks contained within will likely make you erupt into involuntary cheering anyway.

W (Whooo) is the next in a series of single-lettered releases, joining earlier headbangers like G (Ghost) and T (Techem). The release is a “theme and variations” of sorts, with W2, W3, and W4 all building off of the musical motifs laid out in opening track, W1. The main motif will become quite obvious once you first hear it–a hardstyle-esque bassline destined to knock the teeth out of clubgoers. Trancy buildups surround the pairs of thumps that drift in and out at the beginning of the track, acting as harbingers to the absolute vehicle of destruction that is the drop.

W3 leans a bit more toward the big room side of things, with large chord stabs lining the middle of the track before they become paired with that murderous bassline again in syncopated stutter rhythms. W4 is the track least similar to the others, essentially only borrowing the verbed-out “whoop” from the prior offerings and sprinkling it amid more big room chords and a drop that gives a nod to Dutch house, but not the obnoxious Dutch house. Grab the release on Beatport here.

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