Apr 22, 2013
Three Cheeky Things This Monday
Backstreet Boys - Show Me The Meaning Of Being Lonely (Ryan Hemsworth Jersey Bootleg)

So, Coachella is over and you’re back to real life, where things just seem a little less interesting than your last three days of great music and enlightening experiences. Luckily, Monday brought us a handful of intriguing surprises. Enjoy your comedown with these:

1. Ryan Hemsworth Remixes The Backstreet Boys

The Canadian producer takes us back to the magical time of #1999 with his Jersey Club style remix of Show Me The Meaning. The track, which also features an Amanda Bynes sample (yes!) is available to download here and comes with the following heartfelt message:

2. Boards of Canada Record Search Continues

Boards of Canada scattered six vinyls across six countries for Record Store Day; it’s speculated that each vinyl is part of a bigger cryptic puzzle for a new BoC album. Here’s the best speculation we’ve heard:

“Hey everyone, I posted this over at bocpages as well, but I wanted to get as many people’s opinion on this as possible. Maybe we can solve it together.

Okay, I know this is a HUUUGE stretch, but you have to think strange when it comes to BoC.

936557 coincidentally is also a Hex code for a brownish colour. Taking it one step further, converting Hex to HSL and HSB codes respectively gives you a number that somewhat resembles a coordinate. Those codes are 14°, 25.6, 45.9 and 14°, 40.8, 57.6.

If you plug those into Google Maps, you get a place in the Philippines. That alone may not be interesting, but what is, is when you get directions from each point. The shape begins to draw out an almost perfect hexagon. I’ve attached the link for reference.

So far, that’s my working theory. Well, it isn’t really a theory, just something interesting.

One other thing I just noticed after looking more into this is the complementary colour to #936557 is #578593 which is a turquoise colour. Turquoise… hexagon… just sayin.

Something else that I’m going to throw into my working theory above regarding hexagons and the colour turquoise… Last year on April 26th, they uploaded a new cover photo to their official Facebook page which is still there now. It’s the BoC logo with a hexagon beside it over a blueish, turquoise colour sky. I don’t know if that’s related or not but who knows.

Maybe something will happen this Friday on the 1 year anniversary of them uploading it?”

(Source: 2020k)

3. Sasha Grey Is Now A DJ

But again, who isn’t these days? Stoney Roads reports that the former porn star was actually quite good at mixing during Milan’s Fashion Week.

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