Dec 01, 2013
Thomas Hayes’ Latest ‘Release’
Thomas Hayes - Release (Original Mix) [Enhanced Progressive]

Enhanced Progressive has carved a very stable niche in dance music, providing a consistently solid source of progressive, melodic trance. It’s “prog” as it should be–keeping things euphoric yet sedated, uplifting yet grounded–it’s a fine line to walk, Thomas Hayes has managed it with his latest track on the label, Release.

Release is one of those tracks which combines a variety of styles without letting either take over. There’s a big dirty electro bassline in the intro, but some choral pads and melodic plucks come into play and the result is perfect harmony. It’s a testament to production skill that quickly evolves into songwriting skill, with an uplifting and atmospheric build that ends with a drop that hints at big room trance, but the synth stabs are more subtle. It’s club music that invites you to join in, rather than throwing it in your face, and it’s been done very well.

Since being featured on Digitally Enhanced Volume Six, Release has been long overdue a full release. Unavoidable puns aside, it’s a great testament to a future star and is out now on Beatport.

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