Feb 01, 2012
This Is Dubstep 2012
Benga - Faithless (Original Mix) [GetDarker]
Mr. Lager feat Asher Dust - Four Leaf Clover (Von D Remix) [GetDarker]
Flux Pavilion - Meathead (Original Mix) [GetDarker]

While some dubstep compilations have become the laughing stock of the Internet, a new GetDarker release is a proper representation of the original definition of dubstep. On This Is Dubstep 2012, you’ll discover an excellent representation of that classic face-slapping percussion and rumbling sub-bass below 90Hz.

Skeptical? Understandable–so let’s take a listen to some gritty productions like Faithless by the legendary Benga, a track that begins with four-to-the-floor beats at 140bpm before slamming into violent riffs at traditional half-time speed. It also includes more mellow tracks like the Von D remix of Four Leaf Clover by Mr Lager. This somewhat aloof tune, sung by Asher Dust, expresses a man’s struggle for love in its sparse vocalizations. Lastly, there are a few tracks by some popular artists like Flux Pavilion who contributed productions like Meathead to the gruesome compilation. This is definitely the strongest dubstep compilation of the year so far, so if you’re ready to get your ass kicked by some check it out on Beatport, where it includes both the full individual tracks as well as two hour-long mixes.