Jul 23, 2010
Think Zinc.
DJ Zinc feat Angela Hunte - Jekyll & Hyde (Original Mix)

For someone who’s been a part of the EDM scene for a long time, DJ Zinc has shown incredible skill in keeping his finger on the pulse of what people want to hear. His sound has greatly evolved since his 1995 Drum n’ Bass/Hip Hop fusion hit Super Sharp Shooter into a more refined club beat.

Straight off his latest EP Crackhouse, Jekyll & Hyde is a superior dance tune that combines the sounds of gritty dance music and a new genre that Zinc has labeled “crackhouse.” This new fusion could pave the way for the return of the great club track.

Repetitive vocals actually enhance the song, allowing for a sort of mantra to develop. There’s a constant dirty bass beat that grabs your soul and forces you to get up and groove. That bass, coupled with the vocals, gives way to a deep, dark masterpiece that can be labeled as nothing short of Crack House.

If you like this track, checkout DJ Zinc’s new EP, Crackhouse 2, released on Beatport earlier this month.

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