Sep 04, 2011
Things to Come
Eskmo - Moving Glowstream (Slugabed Remix) [Ninja Tune]
Eskmo - We Got More (Video Edit) [Ninja Tune]
Eskmo - We Got More (Loops Haunt 35K^^O Remix) [Ninja Tune]

With EDM on the rise, the state of all of its underlying genres has been one of classification-defying expansion. For some artists, this growth is obvious. For others, it’s only made obvious by its lack of an obvious genre classification. Eskmo is among these artists, and his recent We Got More/Moving Glowstream EP is a showcase of artists just as innovative as Eskmo himself. The EP contains remixes of two Eskmo tracks, and is like something from another planet. It’s as if these guys are taking sounds that should have never been together and sewing them seamlessly into a tempered amalgamation of glitchy, funky tunes.

The sounds are at first mechanical and percussive–a remnant of Eskmo’s original sound. In the remixes, however, each remixer’s unique style shines through quite visibly. I first came across the EP while listening to the Loops Haunt remix of We Got More. The Scotland-based experimental DJ is as unconventional as they come, which makes him the perfect edition to Lucky Me Records, where he’ll be putting out tunes alongside the likes of Hudson Mohawke and Rustie. He’s been in the scene for about ten years, yet little is known about Loops. Still, I think that we can expect big, unconventional things to precipitate from the hands of Scott Gordon (Loops) in the future.

Less experimental and more glitchy, Slugabed’s remix of Moving Glowsteam should seem familiar to some of our readers. Though the track is new, Sluga’s style and method are overtaking on the track, and it’s clear what his influence on the music has been. The arpeggiated melodies are a staple of Slugabed’s sound, and they’re riddled all over the track. All in all, this album is paradoxically undefinable, a statement that could be made of the glitch hop genre as a whole. What we’re left with is something to look forward to; these pioneers of music are changing the way that we look at sound.

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