Jul 30, 2014
‘Everyone Is A Lil Gay’ And 14 Other Things Diplo Told Us In His Reddit AMA

Philly phenom Diplo took his turn in Reddit’s AMA hotseat July 29, sharing some details about Jack U and the whole mess of unreleased tracks they’ve got, his favorite twerk cities, his sexual orientation, grabbing ass, and more. Here’s what grabbed our asses the hardest:

1. When is the Jack U album coming out?

We are doing a mixtape…. its gonna be very cool.. first single is called “take you there” with Kiesza; I wanna try and get a stream of it out this week.

2. How did Jack U come to be?

I’ve been working with Sonny for about 5 years.. he was one of the first producers i met when i moved to LA.. and we just always been really close musically with our ideas. we made a song for his EP around bangarang that we never finished called amplifier that was remade actually and was pretty cool.. he even sang and played guitar on a few major lazer demos for me.. i have about 45 songs in the pool for the new record so im not sure whats gonna make it.. but jack u we just make the songs really randomly in DTLA or random places in hotel rooms very quickly

3. How many children do you have? Rough estimation?

7 or 8 i can’t remember

4. Which city has the most thots?

Ft Thoterdale

5. Which city has the best twerkers?

Gonna say miami, paris, new orleans… I’m making a video with girls from Siberia for “6th gear” tho

6. Why did Switch leave Major Lazer?

Yeah it was never really something he loved.. from the beginning it kinda was like i would write the records he would mix them.. and then as i started touring .. he didnt want to tour .. thats basically it.. so i started to mix them myself or bring in guest for me.. i will say this . switch is probably the best and most progressive mixer I’ve ever worked with and he works with female vocals like a renaissance painter… hes still a boss. I’m meeting him tomorrow.

7. Why did Jillionaire leave Major Lazer? And is there a new member?

The whole crew is just a bunch of us . some time jilly . sometimes oliver rodigan there about 4 dancers that we use.. and other people behind the scene like ferry gowe our artist and main designer.. he is the most important member! But once we get LP3 out and get our new show together it will be something spectacular…

8. What if Flosstradamus never remixed Original Don?

No trap would be run

9. Hi diplo I am a girl from Indonesia. Can I feel your ass?


10. Would you like to work with Burial?


11. Where can i buy the strawberry heads that you + skrill + dillon had in the hard summer trailer?

they were like paper mache… go to micheals and do an arts and crafts run

12. What do you think of the Korean dance scene and the KPOP scene?

we might have a cray Kpop thing on mad decent i hope to tell u about soon

13. If you do ever “turn down,” what’s your favorite way to do so?

Smoke a L

14. Are you gay?

everyone is a lil gay

15. What are you predicting for the Clippers this season?

they will win the superbowl and the triple crown!

Read the full AMA on Reddit here.

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