Aug 18, 2010
There Is Such A Thing!
Drake - Forever (Nosaj Thing Remix)
Nosaj Thing - Light 1 (Original Mix) [Alpha Pup]
Nosaj Thing - DISTRO (Original Mix)

I recently stumbled upon an artist that specializes in the experimental side of EDM. His name is Jason Chung, better known as Nosaj Thing. The young LA artist has been gaining a lot of popularity lately and is quickly becoming a headliner. Just recently he played at Insomniac’s Audiotistic Festival, Sonar in Barcelona, and this past weekend at Mad Decent’s free show in LA. He’s also been busy making some dope as hell remixes. So what sets this youngster apart from the rest? I think it’s his ability to take a track and make it something totally different than what it originally was. He goes in deep, penetrating your soul and melding it with a feeling of chill remorse. His productions echo the vibes of artists like Flying Lotus and the hipster duo Crystal Castles. Utilizing modulators and a set of other arbitrary noise constructors including some archaic computers, Thing’s live sets are as intimate as they are haunting. To get a taste of the experimental prodigy in action, check out the video attached to this post, but make sure you get yourself in a chill mood before you hit the play button.

It’s hard to describe Thing’s sound, as he subscribes to such an elusive genre. For starters, take his remix of Drake’s hit single, Forever. The original was a chart-topping hip hop hit that was played all day, everyday. Thing takes the a cappella, slows it down, and adds in some dreamlike synth and light drums that make you feel like you’re floating. These are the kind of hip hop beats that I love – something you can just chill to at the end of the day and unwind to.

Next up is a track from his album Drift that’s been played by James Zebiela on the Essential Mix; it’s Light 1. It opens up with some blissful electronica that draws you in to a slew of dancing drum lines. I could just imagine myself closing my eyes and waving my hands up high to this loving song. If you thought this song was too short, then you’re lucky because it leads directly into Light 2 on his album. It’s a dancier beat that continues where part 1 left off. I won’t post this one, but you can check for yourself when you get his album.

Finally, I’m adding the amazingly beautiful track DISTRO. This track is so tender and sweet that Kid Cudi selected it as a beat for his A Kid Named Cudi mixtape and rapped over it; in the end producing his anthem Man on the Moon. Words cannot describe how deep and audaciously gorgeous this song sounds, so I’m going to let it speak for itself. Listen at your own enjoyment.

Nosaj Thing is one of those rare artists who defies boundaries. He produces everything from masterclass experimental, to hip hop, to quirky chip tunes. He’s truly a musician’s musician. His remix resume includes a wide variety of artists such as Flying Lotus, Radiohead, and Portis Head. Nosaj Thing is a guy that is so down to earth that he offers many of his remixes for free download on his website, It’s great to see artists nowadays that keep true to their roots and don’t let fame get to their heads. Anyway, please watch the video as well–it’s quite a testament to his artistic ability. Listen, comment, and enjoy!

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