May 31, 2011
The Zombies Are Kicking
Zombie Nation - Kernkraft 400 (Chris Schweizer Bootleg)

If you’ve been to any reasonable amount of shows in the past few months or subscribe to any big trance podcasts out there, chances are you’ve heard Chris Schweizer’s explosive bootleg of Zombie Nation’s timeless classic, Kernkraft 400. So what’s the deal with us only posting it now? Well, the thing about bootlegs is that the a lot of them never see the light of day in release form. There are many reasons for that, the main one being licensing issues, but equally important is that in many ways they are artists’ secret weapons, usually only unleashed upon live crowds. For these reasons we never expected to actually be able to post this track.

Well, my friends, the wait is over. Chris Schweizer, realizing the international demand, has released the track as a free download, so make sure to grab yourself a copy! On his Facebook page he announced he’ll be giving out the wav file once he reaches 1000 fans. Given the polish and quality of this track, I think it’s inevitable that he’ll reach that soon (surprised he hasn’t already? me too). In the meantime, we should all head over there and lend a hand to a man who has bestowed upon us such a fresh and bangin’ remake of a song we hold near and dear to our hearts.

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