Dec 15, 2010
The Year is 1928
1928 - Make Some Noise (Original Mix) [Bush]

From the land down under, DJ/producer 1928 is a complete unknown in the EDM community. In the past he has opened for such well known acts such as LA Riots, AC Slater, Zombie Nation, and Fake Blood. However, 1928 is not your typical one-trick pony, which many openers become. He has a small yet growing following, and with his first EP released on December 4th, he is sure to gain more fans. Perhaps the best track on the new 1928 EP is Make Some Noise. It is a well-produced tune with interesting sound elements and an ever-increasing crescendo that never quite drops, but is altogether quite pleasing to the ear.

The EDM bug is currently establishing itself in every corner of the world, and Australia is no exception. Leading the way in the Aussie scene is the country’s #1 DJ/producer tyDi, and with time I’m sure we will be seeing other talents like 1928 coming out of the Land of Oz.