Feb 19, 2011
The X is Back
BetaTraxx feat Krystal - Shuffling and Looking Dumb (Original Mix)
BetaTraxx - Panzer (Original Mix)

LessThan3 favorite BetatraXx (whom we interviewed recently) just released a new EP, and it’s free, so grab it here (click the down arrow on the right of each song title to download). Yep, you heard it right: you pay ZERO dollars. What does this talented young artist ask in return for some hot off the press, cutting-edge electro house? One Facebook post. If you indulge yourself in this free download, he humbly requests you post one Facebook or Twitter update about the album. Not a bad deal at all.

Don’t be fooled by the price tag, though; this is BetatraXx’s biggest release ever. These aren’t your average bootleg downloads, either–each track is beautiful, handcrafted music. Shuffling and Looking Dumb will take you down with a wobbly electro drop, which seems to be just about the hottest thing these days in 4/4 beats. Panzer will mesmerize you with its patient, tech-like layering and subtle, yet bold kick drum–unexpected and just right for the track’s driving atmosphere.

You should already be downloading these tracks as you read this, and if you aren’t, shame on you for passing up artist-sanctioned free music. Just remember to tell your friends about the offer, and you’ve paid your dues. Check out the release party that went down in L.A. a couple of weeks ago below.

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