Sep 10, 2012
The Walton Hoax
The Walton Hoax - All Recklessness Aside (Original Mix) [Loodma]
The Walton Hoax - All Recklessness Aside (Galimatias Remix) [Loodma]
The Walton Hoax & Nymos - Icarious (Original Mix) [Loodma]

The Walton Hoax is very likely a name you’ve never heard, but after this post it’s one that should stick with you for quite some time. Their newest release, All Recklessness Aside, puts the duo amongst the best of Loodma Recordings’ massively underrated all-star cast.

While the entirety of All Recklessness Aside is emotional and intense, it’s the title track that is most captivating. By embracing its tranquil nature, the duo turns the classic UK dubstep beat into a sexy, patient trot that carries you through the track’s foggy atmosphere. Soft and articulate vocals shine, but what really defines this tune is the desperate trumpet wails that follow. It brings this jazzy, old-time feel to the track that somehow ties the dreamy space-time atmosphere together perfectly. It’s the subtleties of this track, like the perfectly layered dubstep wobbles and the crisp analog rain, that make it a track that can truly be described as “everybody music.”

Loodma Recordings familiar Galimatias kills it with a garage-inspired, downtempo remix of the title track. It brings a much different atmosphere than the original–a more social one but with much of the beauty still intact. Icarious brings on Netherlands based garage producer Nymos to close out the release. Strong chord progressions and gentle percussion makes this one a proper sendoff.

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