Jan 24, 2011
The Top 20 Trance Tracks of 2010
Trance had an absolutely explosive year of music in 2010. We saw the rise of many new talented producers as well as high quality releases from the veterans in the scene. In this countdown we’ll review our picks for those tracks that pushed the boundaries of trance and those that became instant classics. Hit the continue button below and let’s take a look.
Laidback Luke feat. Jonathan Mendelsohn – Till Tonight (Original Mix)
Laidback Luke feat Jonathan Mendelsohn - Till Tonight (Original Mix)
Laidback Luke has become a household name in the EDM world, especially after an absolutely incredible year in 2010. Dabbling among various genres, he has proven himself to be extremely versatile. Till Tonight represents a somewhat poppy trance track with an absolutely killer vocal that should serve well as a bridge for his listeners to experience Luke’s trance side. We’re excited to see what he has up his sleeve in 2011!
Filo & Peri feat. Audrey Gallagher – This Night (Original Mix)
Filo & Peri feat Audrey Gallagher - This Night (Original Mix) [VANDIT]
Filo & Peri saw a great deal of support in the trance world in 2010–and for good reason. Tracks like This Night go the distance, transporting us to a beautiful and relaxing musical getaway. Featuring an absolutely breathtaking vocal by Audrey Gallagher and lyrics that will resonate with anyone, this track is going to be remembered for a long time to come. Next time you’re feeling down, have a listen to this one and wash your problems away.
Who.Is – We.Are (Original Mix)
Who.Is - We.Are (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
You might be asking yourself as we did, Who.Is…We.Are? The duo is composed of Bart Claessen and Raz Nitzan, and despite the perhaps playful nature of their moniker, this track is no joke. Delving deep into the stratosphere of melodic and uplifting trance, We.Are will lift you up and carry you away with its warm embrace. Now we have two things to look forward to with this duo: what new tracks they’ll come up with in 2011 and what titles they will give them to continue their trend.
Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse – Festival (Original Mix)
Ferry Corsten pres. Pulse - Festival (Original Mix) [1605]
An experienced trance veteran, Ferry Corsten has become a staple in the trance industry throughout the world. Never letting his ego go to his head and always seeking to develop his productions, Ferry has adopted the Pulse moniker in the hopes of branching out into a different sound than his fans expect. With his new track Festival he has proven tremendous success under this new identity, and in doing so has whetted our appetite for other experiments to come.
Juventa – Beauty Catch (Club Mix)
Juventa - Beauty Catch (Club Mix) [Enhanced]
With his track Beauty Catch, Juventa presents to the world a musical journey from progressive to tech trance and back. This soothing piece of music continues the trance master’s trend of highly polished productions and a blending of genres so seamless that they’ll turn first-time listeners into die-hard fans right away. We have nothing but high expectations for the producer into 2011, and congratulate him on earning the #16 spot.
Eco – And We Flew Away (Original Mix)
Eco - And We Flew Away (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]
Landing a spot at #15 on the countdown is Eco, a New York-based producer who is among the leaders of the young trance revolution. It seems any track he touches turns to melodic gold, reaching deep into the hearts of his listeners. This year marked the launch of his podcast, The Sound of You(th), which has earned its place among the essential trance podcast list through episode after episode of seamless mixing and top-notch track selection. Having recently been called upon to perform at ASOT 500, all signs point to good things in 2011 for the young producer.
Jon O’Bir Feat. Fisher – Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix)
Jon O'Bir feat Fisher - Found A Way (Joint Operations Centre Remix) [Spinnin']
Don’t let the name Joint Operations Centre fool you; none other than John O’Callaghan is behind the remix on this track. With his touch on Found A Way, the skilled trance producer has taken an already fantastic track and elevated it to higher heights. With an anthemic synth section, a beautiful vocal by Fisher, and an unbelievably energetic beat, this track has definitely earned its spot at #14 on the countdown.
Tritonal feat Cristina Soto – Forgive Me, Forget You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
Tritonal feat Cristina Soto - Forgive Me, Forget You (Ashley Wallbridge Remix)
Tritonal (pictured) has brought out the big guns on their track with Cristina Soto and Ashley Wallbridge has taken note. He gives Forgive Me, Forget You that signature Wallbridge touch, adding a driving bassline and spliced vocals that sound so good you’ll find yourself drifting away along with them. Having released several incredible remixes, including the particularly stand-out Feel You, Wallbridge is planting himself firmly into the trance world. We’re impressed by his extreme attention to detail and production quality, and expect nothing but great things from him throughout the next year.
Marcel Woods – Tomorrow (Original Mix)
Marcel Woods - Tomorrow (Original Mix) [High Contrast]
Netherlands-based Marcel Woods is no newcomer to the scene, and running his own label, Musical Madness, the man certainly has a good deal on his plate. Perhaps it’s not surprising to see that none of that has stopped him stopped him from producing the #12 track on our countdown, Tomorrow. A melodic masterpiece with an interesting vocal and extremely destructive drops, this track delivers in style. One thing is for sure–the picture of Woods’ future is anything but gray.
Wezz Devall – Monster Wave (Original Mix)
Wezz Devall - Monster Wave (Original Mix)
When we covered this track way back near our launch, we immediately knew it was one that was going to stick around in our minds for a long time to come. Simply put, this deeply enthralling track will take your breath away. With one of the most epic buildups of the year and a signature synth sound made popular all throughout 2009, Monster Wave is a trance essential. We’re hoping Mr. Devall rides this wave well into 2011 and beyond.
Lange feat. Emma Hewitt – Live Forever (Mat Zo Dub Mix)
Lange feat Emma Hewitt - Live Forever (Mat Zo Remix) [New State]
Two words: spliced vocals. Used correctly, this effect can serve as one of the primary additions to a song. Mat Zo, fully aware of this phenomenon, has taken Emma Hewitt’s (pictured) beautiful voice and interesting lyrics and thrown them together with masterful production techniques and a driving bassline so entrancing you’ll feel like you’re on top of the world. A producer marked as a leader of the up-and-comers in the scene, Mat Zo has taken the trance world by storm, having perhaps more Tunes of the Week on Trance Around the World than any other producer this year. We’ll be keeping a close eye on him!
Marco V – Solitary Confinement (REVIXED)
Marco V - Solitary Confinement (REVIXED)
If you’re looking for a vocal unlike any trance vocal you’ve ever heard, have yourself a listen to Solitary Confinement immediately. Khashassi’s vocals spawn off a life of their own, drawing you into the conflicted world of emotions backing this incredible track. Sporting one of the most mind blowing and genre-bending electro-infused drops ever, Marco V has done it yet again. The producer has certainly set a high bar for himself in the past year and we have absolutely no doubt that he will continue to do so.
Tasadi & Nhato – Time Ticks Away (Original Mix)
Tasadi & Nhato - Time Ticks Away (Original Mix) [Tone Diary]
What does putting American and Japanese trance producers together give you? Have a listen to see for yourself. East meets West in this absolutely epic story of a track. With each passing phrase we are confronted with the emotional struggles in grappling with the passage of time. The level of detail is absolutely astounding, ranging from techy basslines to the actual use of the “tick, tock" of the clock. Enjoy every minute of this one, as Tasadi (pictured) & Nhato have truly put together something special here. It will stand the test of time–you can be sure of that.
Dash Berlin – Never Cry Again (Amurai’s Los Angeles Mix)
Dash Berlin - Never Cry Again (Amurai's Los Angeles Mix) [405]
Never Cry Again likens to a diary entry told aloud through top notch trance productions and a mixture of unbelievably pure piano and vocals. Every element of this track is perfectly placed and layered together to instantly transport you to a faraway place in your heart and soul. While you’re listening you’ll probably find it difficult to imagine anything wrong with the world, probably just as Amurai (pictured) intended with his remix of this track. With that said, we’ll stop here so you can stop reading and enjoy this masterpiece.
Tyler Michaud & Interstate feat Jessy Greene – Junkie (HeatBeat Remix)
Tyler Michaud & Interstate feat Jessy Greene - Junkie (HeatBeat Remix) [VANDIT]
Wasting absolutely no time for pleasantries, Junkie says hello with a swift kick to the face of tech trance. Perhaps feeling sorry for its rude entrance, it pauses to reflect by delving into a deep vocal section aided by anthemic synths to ease the pain before it prepares for the next onslaught. It doesn’t take very long to see why this song is titled what it is, based on the bipolar extremes that come and go as the song progresses. Tyler Michaud (pictured) & HeatBeat have really outdone themselves with this one, and for that their track has earned a spot at #6 on our countdown.
Greg Downey – Global Code (Scot Project Remix)
Greg Downey - Global Code (Scot Project Remix)
Now that we’re in the top 5 it’s time to get serious. Just hit the one minute mark of this track and you will be reaching around you for a seat belt. Buckle in, friends, because you are in for a seriously wild ride of tech. Pulling out all the stops, Greg Downey’s (pictured) Global Code comes ready to convince you of its agenda to dominate your mind. If perhaps it did not not truly make you aware of its power early on, the track unwinds into an unforgettable melodic build followed by a grippingly deadly drop that needs to be heard to be believed. Our hats off to Scot Project on this absolute monster of a track.
Above & Beyond vs Kyau & Albert – Anphonic (Original Mix)
Above & Beyond vs Kyau & Albert - Anphonic (Original Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond has set an extremely high bar in the progressive trance world, and coupled with long-time veterans Kyau & Albert, we could have seen a hit this big coming from a mile away. The opening proggy joyride along a bending rough bassline serves as a perfect setup for the heart-enveloping buildup to come, but nothing can adequately prepare for the deeply driving drop. Having seen tremendous support around the world, Anphonic will remain in our memories and playlists for years to come.
Hiroyuki ODA – Oceanus (Taishi Remix)
Hiroyuki ODA - Oceanus (Taishi Remix) [Otographic Music]
When we established a partnership with Otographic Music back in September, we were just beginning to scrape the surface of the hottest new Japanese house and trance being pumped out of their corner of the world. Serving as a perfect example of some of their new unique sounds and productions, Taishi’s remix of Oceanus is an absolute gem. Few songs have managed to capture the range of emotions contained within this song. With each passing section, this track adds and removes layers in an expert-like fashion that, once heard around the world, will surely make it an instant chart-topper. Pay special attention to the details of this one as it carries you through one of the most moving musical experiences ever encountered.
Yoji – Surrender (Nhato Remix)
Yoji - Surrender (Nhato Remix) [Hellhouse]
In his early 20s and having only produced music for only a handful of years, Nhato is almost single-handedly blazing trails into a new decade of trance, bending the rules without hesitation and giving the genre an entirely new concept of what is possible. There is so much going on here that it is difficult to take in at once, so be prepared to have yourself multiple listens before you are even remotely satisfied. Moving like a chameleon between trance, progressive house, and even dubstep, you’ll find yourself wondering just how someone could have conceived such a magnificent work. We’ll go ahead and coin a new genre–trancestep–in honor of this unforgettable track.
BT & Andrew Bayer – The Emergency (Original Mix)
BT & Andrew Bayer - The Emergency (Original Mix)
It’s an unfortunate truth of humanity that we sometimes only appreciate things properly once they’re either almost or completely snatched away from us. BT (pictured) and Andrew Bayer have captured this experience perfectly in our #1 track of 2010, The Emergency. A vivid retelling of a near-death encounter, it is overflowing with honest emotion that is pure, gripping, and heartfelt. The chorus is truly what lies at the heart of this beauty of a track. How many artists out there try to find the words to describe the sentiment that is so easily and bluntly conveyed here? Perhaps deep down we’re all searching to find the simplicity that this track embodies. Congratulations, guys!