Feb 25, 2011
The Top 10 Rising House Producers
House music has been the staple of EDM for generations, but the fabric of the genre is changing perhaps now more than ever. This is the time for the newcomers to really make a name for themselves and shape the sound of a generation. Who are these DJ/producers that are taking house to the next level? Step inside and find out.
Adrian Lux
Adrian Lux - Teenage Crime (Original Mix) [Axtone]
A newcomer to the scene, Adrian Lux is receiving the accolades and attention of a seasoned veteran. With singles Can’t Sleep, Strawberry and, most notably, Teenage Crime, Lux’s introduction to the industry is loud and clear (emphasis on loud). Teenage Crime has already been remixed by Axwell and Henrik B–not a bad start for this Swedish sensation. Don’t expect Adrian Lux to conform to a particular genre or style anytime soon; what sets him apart is his ambitious I-do-what-I-want attitude, which will hopefully result in some very unique recordings. “Of course not everyone’s gonna like what I do. That’s just the way it is. But it’s more fun to have someone say ’this sucks’ than ‘well, this is nice’," says Adrian on his MySpace.
Da Fresh
Da Fresh - Right On Time (Original Mix) [Definitive]
We love a house artist that doesn’t just pump you up but also chills you out–in that goosebumpy, 4am sort of way. Da Fresh’s style could be described as a bit of tech house and a bit of minimal, all wrapped up in a big bass bow. Da Fresh recently released Right On Time, a loungy, techy track that adds new flavor to our top 10 list, easily making the cut with a superclean mix and fat bass mastering. NYC dance fans will feel comfortable with Da Fresh, as the minimal and lounge parties commonly found in the big city feature artists that attempt what Da Fresh achieves with finesse.
Erol Alkan
Erol Alkan & Boys Noize - Avalanche (Original Mix) [Phantasy Sound]
Chill beat remixer and producer extraordinaire Erol Alkan is currently on tour promoting some new tracks and some oldies. His vibe is smoother than smooth–so smooth that he managed to recently be featured on BBC’s radio station 6 Music’s 6Mix, which offered a little peek into some of the recent things the man has been cooking up. Get a good listen in for Erol’s tracks, as they are sure to be on the minds of everyone in 2011 and beyond.
Gregori Klosman
D.O.N.S. - Drop The Gun (Gregori Klosman & Dany Wild Remix) [Kontor]
Gregori Klosman is a Frenchman on a mission to rise fast, rock hard, and dance harder. Klosman has taken the dance scene by storm over the past year, and he’s a must-know name for 2011. With recent collaborations with none other than Chuckie and Tristan Garner, Klosman has solidified his reputation as a capable DJ, and is bringing new energy to the hard and electro house scenes. Get ready for some killer Klosman originals; word is we’ll be getting a preview in Miami this Spring.
Savoy - Life of the Party
What is Savoy’s special sauce? Their sound is undeniably unique. That dirty electro sound with that laid back intensely grooved bass kick spiced up with robotic synths ensures that Savoy should have a spot in every festival, every showcase, and every iPod playlist. Few artists pull off the live instrument/turntable combo routine, but Savoy nails it. Two on the turntables, one on the drums, and fans bumping in the audience is exactly what you can expect at a Savoy show. While still small, Savoy’s appearance at the massive Electric Daisy Carnival is promising evidence that they will continue to flourish. Strap on your gear, grab your friends, and get a good spot in the crowd–while you still can.
Matt Samuels
Matt Samuels - Pretoria (Original Mix) [Toolroom]
Kicking off the top 5, Matt Samuels is one young star who is only beginning what promises to be a wild ride. Clean, catchy, and tension-building–the essentials of great house–are what Matt is all about. At only 24, Samuels had already headed up two labels, Innovate and Sequential, and continues to multitask with new productions like Pretoria . Pay attention to Samuels, as his talents of DJing, producing, and label-directing will be sure to affect your dancefloor experience in many ways.
Angger Dimas
Vandalism - Throw Your Hands Up (Angger Dimas Remix) [Vicious]
If I asked you where you would go to find some of the hottest new electro house, few would guess that an artist with some of the freshest, tightest beats might come from… Indonesia? Jakarta Selatan aka Angger Dimas proves this answer correct. At 22 years old, Dimas is one of the youngest producers on our list. Here’s another shocker–Dimas started his DJ career only three years ago. Given his quick progression into the spotlight and seemingly effortless mastery of production, we can only imagine what new releases will come. His simple beats and rockin’ bass patterns are so on point that we trust his musical direction wherever he decides to go.
Hard Rock Sofa
Hard Rock Sofa & St. Brothers - Blow Up (Original Mix) [Axtone]
A veteran DJ outfit from Russia, the Hard Rock Sofa trio has been putting out some very spicy tracks lately–especially in collaborations with honorable mention Swanky Tunes. Alexander Shapovalov, Denis Chepikov, and Sergey Zuev make up the group and consistently produce high-energy, high-tension tracks with wind-ups that blow your hair back. They show no sign of slowing down based on their current rate of releases, so stay tuned.
Nicky Romero
Nicky Romero - It's Me B*tches (Original Mix) [Sneakerz MUZIK]
Time to clear up some space on that iPod; Nicky Romero is going to need some room. With huge remixes and a sound all his own, Romero’s got the goods to make it big. He recently remixed Green Velvet and Fedde le Grand (who called Nicky the producer to watch in our interview with him), and after hearing those tracks LessThan3 has been glued to our speakers waiting to see what will come next. Did we mention he’s only 21? Yup, and with such talent at such an early age, there’s no telling what the future holds.
Porter Robinson
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Porter Robinson Remix)
2010 was a huge year for Porter Robinson–he remixed Lil Jon, collaborated with Lazy Rich, and almost equally impressive–he turned 18. Robinson is a North Carolina native who got hooked on dance music when he was only 13. By 15 he was recording songs, stirring the pot on what would become a concoction of electro house fury. From Hello, his collaboration with Lazy Rich and Sue Cho, to The Wildcat, It’s no small wonder that he has ended up at #1 on our list. Congratulations, Porter!