Nov 09, 2010
The Third Twin and Daft Punk
The Third Twin - Evil Minds

Could it be?  Daft Punk, the superstars of EDM, are using a pseudonym?  In late July 2010, YouTube user “alexdaft26” uploaded eleven tracks under the album name Homemade with accompanying synchronized video. The tracks were previously purported to be the leaked soundtrack for the upcoming Disney blockbuster Tron: Legacy,  although Walt Disney Pictures denied that the tracks were part of the film.  Shortly thereafter, the same YouTube user branded the songs under the name The Third Twin.

The tracks share an acid house and discothèque sound that is all too reminiscent of Daft Punk’s first album Homework. The mashed up footage of robots doing their thing in The Third Twin’s The Technolers is one thing, but the subtle and melodic sound of the track’s beats is just mesmerizing. Evil Minds is also another noteworthy track, and the artists, whoever they may be, take you on a journey narrated with penetrating vocals and the all-too-familiar Daft Punk-esque synths.

Upon searching the web for any more information about The Third Twin, you will find nothing concrete or of much value other than their eleven original tracks.  Surprisingly little attention has been given to The Third Twin, but I suspect that this will change because at the end of the day they may not be Daft Punk, but essentially it is all just good, solid music.

To possibly release music this way is brash, but for Daft Punk it works because they are about the only DJs that don’t need publicity.  These are the guys that disappear every five years, only to return with groundbreaking albums and sold out world tours.

If there is indeed no connection with The Third Twin and Daft Punk, then we certainly have discovered another talented French DJ duo.  But, personally I would like to think that The Third Twin is Daft Punk because that just seems to be such a deliberate and bad-ass move.  In the end, the connection between The Third Twin and Daft Punk is far too eerie to be a complete coincidence. You decide.

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