Jun 24, 2015
The Technodrome 11
Marco Bailey - Beyond Apollo (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]
Kolsch - Unterwegs (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Jon Hopkins - Open Eye Signal (George FitzGerald Remix) [Domino]
Sidney Charles - Impermanence (Original Mix) [Truesoul]
Mind Against & Somne - Vertere (Original Mix) [Life and Death]

Now that the glitz and glamour of EDC Las Vegas has finally ended, we can get away from the bright, shiny lights of the mainstage and back to the dark and dirty sounds of The Technodrome. This week’s edition focuses on new techno music from Marco Bailey, Sidney Charles, Kolsch, and more.

Marco Bailey – Beyond Apollo (Original Mix) [MB Elektronics]
Belgium’s Marco Bailey returns home to his own label for the three-track Beyond Apollo EP, a tour-de-force that shows off what techno is all about. The title track is a poignant and cinematic expedition through soft sounds, pounding kicks, and so much more. It’s tailor-made for late night drives or early morning sunrises. Pick up the EP here.

Kolsch – Unterwegs (Original Mix) [Kompakt]
Kolsch’s recent sophomore album, 1983, is full of impressive soundscapes, but my runaway favorite is Unterwegs. The Danish producer is somehow able to make a track that is both introspective and heart-pounding; cathartic and explosive. It is a lush, euphoric audial adventure that begs to be repeated. Pick up the whole album on Beatport here.

Jon Hopkins – Open Eye Signal (George FitzGerald Remix) [Domino]
One of the highlights from Sasha’s performance at the legendary venue Stereo in Montreal last week was George FitzGerald’s dancefloor-ready rework of one of my favorite producers, Jon Hopkins. With its dark atmosphere, pulsing synths, and relentless four-to-the-floor rhythm, it’s easy to see why this is a Sasha favorite. Pick it up on Beatport here.

Sidney Charles – Impermanence (Original Mix) [Truesoul]
The title track off Sidney Charles’ new four-track EP is a fun, fat, and groovy number that is a little more playful than most techno you might come across. The funk-meets-techno track features retro synths and a spirited, race-like percussion. Pick up the Impermanence EP here.

Mind Against & Somne – Vertere (Original Mix) [Life and Death]
My favorite duo in techno at the moment, Mind Against, teams up with Somne, the new artist project of Federico Maccheron, for Vertere, a twisting and turning track that somehow feels very internal and personal yet large and expansive at the same time. Ever-changing and winding, this is a one labyrinth I don’t mind getting lost in. Pick up the single plus a remix from Tobias Freund June 29, and make sure to watch the brotherly duo’s incredible Boiler Room set here.