Jun 12, 2012
The Taste Of Cherry Coke
Cherry Coke - More Coke (Original Mix) [Tuffem Up!]
Cherry Coke - Speedway (Original Mix) [Tuffem Up!]
Cherry Coke - Fatamorgana (Original Mix) [Tuffem Up!]

Young producer Cherry Coke has been labeled the “Polish Avicii,” a pretty huge title to live up to. Many have tried to emulate the Swede’s meteoric rise to the top with progressive anthems of their own, but very few succeed. This time, someone got it right. After gaining recognition online last year, Cherry Coke has released the More Coke EP, a 3-track behemoth that is coming at the perfect time in the festival season.

The title track is a rollercoaster, some parts progressive anthem, other parts electro banger, and even a dash of dubstep thrown in! It’s a refreshing take on a genre that can be very “played out” at times. Speedway is a massive track that sounds like a tougher, edgier version of Alesso, a pure “throw your hands up” festival style sound that is a welcome addition to the upcoming summer shows. CC ends the EP off with Fatamorgana (real thing, look it up), a melodic/progressive jam that is a silky ride from start to finish filled with euphoric riffs and sparkly piano chords.

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