Jan 03, 2012
The Swag Team
Hatiras & Nom De Strip & Will Bailey - Swagnum P.I. (Original Mix) [Hatrax]

When names like Hatiras, Will Bailey, and Nom De Strip collaborate together on a track, you can only wonder how funky things are about to get. Well, let’s just say they did a lot more than produce a funky electro track–Swagnum PI is a certified electro banger. Tech electro artists like Harvard Bass and Bart B More have been LT3 favorites for awhile, and this track shares much of its likeness to their producing styles.

Combining minimal tech beats with Dutch electro synths, the track exemplifies the old saying “less is more.” Intense buildups, thumping kicks, and a few synth dashes are all it takes to create a hypnotic dance floor effect. Clearly one made for big club speakers, the track’s simplicity makes the track easy to mix in with practically anything. We’ll make sure to post up any sick remixes that are sure to follow up in the coming months.

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