Aug 27, 2010
The Supreme Being
Laidback Luke - My GOD (Guns On Demo) (Original Mix) [Mixmash]
Laidback Luke - My GOD (Guns On Demo) (Tiesto Remix) [Mixmash]

If Uppermost & Lazy Rich are the lords of electro house, then Dutch superstar Laidback Luke is most assuredly the supreme being. Churning out hits and sets that are just impossible to compete with, he has also fostered the talent of such heavyweights as Sidney Samson and Afrojack, undoubtedly making him the most influential figurehead in the genre. I personally have seen Laidback Luke twice, and they were far and away the best electro house sets I have ever heard. The first time I saw him at Ultra 2010, I was literally drenched in sweat after I left the tent he was playing in. I looked like I had gotten caught in a hurricane of rain, wind, and beats.

This track, My GOD (Guns On Demo), was probably the track that was dropped the most at EDC, at least from what I could hear. I didn’t know the name of this massive track until last night, when I heard it at a club with Foo Boi and he enlightened me. Can’t say I was the least bit shocked to hear that it was a Laidback Luke track. The track title fits in perfectly with the sound–pounding synth triplets open the track rapidfire style, making you feel like you’re being pummeled by an army of soundwaves. Then there is the drop. This magnificent, syncopated drop that just makes everyone in the crowd go wild. I don’t know that I will ever get tired of this record, and it seems like that’s the case for pretty much everyone, fan and DJ alike.

If you’re a fan of a harder, trancier sound, I have also added the Tiesto remix. He doesn’t alter the track much, but the changes he does make, including a faster tempo and a low bass synth, really give the remix a hard-hitting feel, ready for the likes of DJs like Simon Patterson and Kamui.

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