Apr 29, 2013
The Sunglasses At Night Trend Lives On
Sean Finn & Gino Montesano - Sunglasses At Night (Original Mix) [We Play]
Sean Finn & Gino Montesano - Sunglasses At Night (Pink Fluid Remix) [We Play]

It’s been nearly 30 years since Canadian singer Corey Hart released his then hit single Sunglasses At Night, which still lives vicariously as one of the most recognizable samples of the modern music era. The latest artists to reconstruct the timeless classic are Sean Finn and Gino Montesano, and they’re joined by a diverse cast of remix connoisseurs headed by Pink Fluid (pictured) to help bring the Sunglasses At Night craze back into full swing.

Headlining the pack with a dance-heavy original, Finn & Montesano deliver a thumping electro tune with a catchy hook that reminds us just how contagious Hart’s 1984 classic was. Pink Fluid offer their twisted big house take on the up-tempo original by meshing a scattered, yet coinciding array of synth stabs with a groovy undertone, tip-toeing the boundary between big room house and modern house music. Make your way over to Beatport and pick up these tunes today.

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