Mar 15, 2011
The Sound Tribe
Sound Tribe Sector 9 - Equinox [1320]

Headlining the absolutely killer Live Stage on Day 1 of UMF 2011 will be Royksopp, Designer Drugs, Holy Ghost and Sound Tribe Sector 9. We’ve spoke of all of those artists here on LessThan3 except the illustrious jam-electro band from our very own country. Sound Tribe Sector 9, or STS9, is definitely not something you want to miss.

Based in Santa Cruz, California (although formed in Atlanta), the band describes themselves as “post-rock dance music,” which would be a nice and broad way of putting it. The sound of STS9 treads the middle ground between trip-hop, psychedelic, electro and drum’n’bass, and can be hard to put a finger on. Nevertheless, it’s evident that it all somehow works; their productions are lively, inspired and full of dance-all-night rhythm. Equinox is a sweet show of STS9’s slower jam-band instrumentals, while the live rendition of Hidden Hand Hidden Fist in the video below grooves it up with some electro hip-hop discourse.

Since their inception 2000, STS9 has gone through a sonic evolution as well as a huge explosion in popularity. They regularly sell out shows around the country, which is no surprise considering the quality of their live performances. You heard me say it before–they’re a jam band. No two STS9 gigs are the same, and each performance is supplemented visually by a VJ from the “Sound Tribe Family.”

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