Apr 07, 2011
The Sound of Signum
Signum - Shamisan (Shogun Remix) [Armada]
Signum - Shamisan (Extended Mix) [Armada]

Ron Hagen and Pascal Minnaard have been producing classics for the past thirteen years, and their talent for melodic composition seems to have no boundaries. Following their hit vocal track Liberate, Dutch duo Signum is at it again with another Armada release, Shamisan.

Unlike Liberate, Shamisan is all instrumental, and there’s little doubt that the track lives up to the Signum name. The extended mix offers a heavy tech bass line that nicely complements Signum’s melodic synth dashes. The Shogun remix included in the release offers a smoother and trancier take on the track. Shamisan has already support from Armin van Buuren, Above & Beyond, and Rank1 to name a few, so check it out!

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