Jan 03, 2012
The Sound of Scot Project
Scot Project & Derb - The Sound (Scot Project Mix) [Druck]

Scot Project may very well be the most underrated producer in trance music. Every track he produces incorporates some of the heaviest beats around and sounds different than any other track in current circulation. Once again the German producer with the dreads has knocked it out of the park with a release on his personal label, Druck Records. A collaboration with labelmate Derb, The Sound is one helluva festival roofshaker.

Both Derb and Scot Project gave their own interpretation to the two-track release, but Scot Project’s mix came out the surefire winner. There are two separate drops–one is big room and one is tech-electro madness. Both drops take the best sounds of today and make them just sound cleaner and better than all the competition. I hope this one finds itself in heavy rotation easily as it is not quite getting the exposure I feel it deserves, so to all my DJs: start dropping this banger.

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