Jan 09, 2011
The Sound of Color
Four Tet - Love Cry (Joy Orbison Remix) [Domino]
Four Tet - Ringer (Original Mix) [Domino]

You may have noticed that some of my more recent posts have been featuring songs by an artist that goes by the name of Four Tet. Well, I’ve decided to finally give him a proper introduction to the LessThan3 viewers. Hailing from London, Kieran Hebden has been making a big splash on our side of the pond just recently, with remixes of The xx, Radiohead, and Aphex Twin. Not only that, but his most recent album There Is Love In You and his EP RInger have been praised by both critics and EDM snobs alike. So, what’s all the fuss about? I certainly didn’t know until just recently, but I was so glad that I found out about this guy. I describe listening to Four Tet as listening to the soundtrack of a kaleidoscope–playful, colorful, and creative.

Just listen to Ringer. I love the shimmering samples left throughout the song. I also love how it’s an astonishing 10:03 in length. This is becoming much less common in the single-driven market that is the world of EDM, but I think that’s what makes me love Four Tet even more; he’s not afraid to diverge from the norm to make sure his songs are perfect. If you liked Ringer, then you’ll most likely love his other productions as well. Just for kicks, here’s the Joy Orbison remix of Love Cry. It’s a nice chillout/breakbeat tune that is perfect for an end-of-the-night unwinder. Post your thoughts below!

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