Jul 23, 2012
The Smoking Gun
Binary Finary & Genix - Smoking Gun (Original Mix) [Digital Society]
Binary Finary & Genix - Smoking Gun (Sequentia Remix) [Digital Society]

UK producer Genix has moved from strength to strength over the years, adapting from an early tech trance style to a more recent progressive trance streak. On Smoking Gun, a new collaboration on Enhanced sublabel Digital Society, he teams up with legendary UK trance act Binary Finary (pictured). After their classic track 1998, Binary Finary more or less stayed entirely under the radar before re-emerging in 2011 with several collaborations that proved they hadn’t really grown rusty, in spite of so many years out of the picture.

Smoking Gun can’t hold a candle to 1998, to be sure; it’s a very matter-of-fact track, solid and not dramatic, and doesn’t break any new ground. But it’s just as melody-driven as anything you’d expect from these producers, and in spite of its unassuming nature, I still found the lead melody stuck in my head. The only remix of the release comes from Sequentia and significantly steps up both the energy level and the complexity of the source material; for me, Sequentia’s remix is the highlight of the release, taking a good foundation and putting an even better spin on it.

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