May 01, 2011
The Schwarzschild Solution Part III
Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon (Original Mix) [Tartelet]
Kenton Slash Demon - Daemon (Axel Boman Dub Mix) [Tartelet]

Danish duo Kenton Slash Demon release Daemon, the final installment of their Schwarzschild Solution series on Tartelet Records, backed by a muffled remix from fellow Scandinavian Axel Boman. The first two tracks of the trilogy, Sun and Matter, attracted a lot of attention after being championed by artists such as Luciano and DJ Koze, so naturally there are many people waiting with bated breath to listen to the final chapter.

Daemon is deep and soulful; warped vocals coupled with driving house rhythms and tight melody create a sort of melancholic futurism. Production is exquisite–the drums are bitingly fresh and the textures organic and lush. Axel’s rework is typically unsteady, with the timings squeezed and compressed into a warm amniotic blur. The only elements that remain bright are the crisper-than-crisp hi-hats and piercing synth icicles that stagger around in pitch while everything beneath them swirls in a primordial soup.

The official video for Daemon (see below) is produced by Dark Matters, the same visual production team responsible for KSD’s Matter video last year. In an attempt to recreate classic computerized effects without a computer, the team have created “an abstract space opera about loadscreens based on strings and nails.” Check it out.

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