Dec 31, 2010
The Riot Police
RIOT 87 - Are You Riot! (VIP Drum'n'Bass Mix)
Metric - Gold Guns Girls (RIOT 87 Remix)

Some of you may have noticed our demo submission message down on the right-hand side of the main page. We’ve been receiving quite a few as of late, and though we have heard some mind-blowing new material, we’ve dutifully held all submissions to the same standards that we do for all those talented, professional and established producers out there. Well, after months of sifting through attached files, we’re proud to bring you our first-ever demo post. Meet Serbian rock-bass duo RIOT 87.

If Pendulum, Noisia, and the Prodigy had Serbian children, RIOT 87 would be it. Riding on the massive wave of rock-fueled bass pioneered by those British legends, these monster producers have been dropping violent drum n’ bass and dubstep tunes all year. While they used to be psytrance producers, their new direction has garnered the attention of thousands of fans, scores of DJs, and one Detroit-based label (FiXT). They also have been able to do a couple of high-profile remixes, including Metric’s Gold Guns Girls. Last month, as a thanks to their new fans, they released their first EP Serbian Bassline for free on their website. The EP includes the raucous Are You Riot! that you can hear on this post. Their tracks infuse energy and melody into a bass-addled musical ride; believe me, they don’t disappoint.

Like any good musicians, the RIOT duo recognized the raw potential in a live setup that uses all the possibilities in their sound. That’s right; they’re currently working on a configuration to bring you this stuff in concert. It’s definitely confirmed, so keep an eye out for a stateside appearance.

If you’re a producer looking to get your work out there, send it over to Of course we can’t guarantee that it will get posted, but we look over everything that comes into the demo box. So get busy and start making those beats!

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