Jul 12, 2015
The Rinse 19
Electrosoul System - Flawless (Original Mix) [Med School]
Technimatic - Flashbulb (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
J:Kenzo feat. Collinjah - Straight Defeat (Jubei Remix) [Artikal]
Section feat. Sinéad McCarthy - Perfect Space (Kumarachi Remix) [Audio Addict]
René LaVice - Hotblooded (Original Mix) [RAM]

Girls and boys, The Rinse has arrived with a heaping helping of new drum & bass. On the menu this week we have some heady selections from Electrosoul System, Technimatic, Jubei, and Kumarachi to start, and we finish with a potent dancefloor number from the ubiquitous René LaVice. Bon apétit!

Electrosoul System – Flawless (Original Mix) [Med School]
Russian duo Electrosoul System recently released their massive album Flawless on Hospital sister-label Med School Music, and it scores high marks for bleeding-edge sound design and creativity. While the album-at-large is very forward-thinking from an arrangement standpoint, the title track is a bit of a throwback, employing a multitude of classic break samples around a sustained, resonant pad. Flawless captures with its undeniable rhythm, old-school flair, and avant garde technicality.

Technimatic – Flashbulb (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Part of Technimatic’s stunning new EP titled Flashbulb, the title track here is a brilliant exercise in ambience and groove. Flashbulb delivers soft synthetic textures with razor sharp percussion and a rhythmic vocal sample for a stimulating auditory workout. Out on Shogun Audio, Flashbulb comes as part of a four-track EP featuring liquid vocal tracks Dirty Hands, Secret Smile, and Remember You.

J:Kenzo – Straight Defeat (Jubei Remix) [Artikal]
J:Kenzo’s 2014 dubstep number Straight Defeat has been given an upfront remix by Metalheadz producer Jubei, and the result is a highly lyrical, minimalistic masterpiece. Featuring the hair-splitting, double-time flow of Collinjah, this track combines a weighty bassline with a series of kick drums and sound effects for a truly cerebral experience. Part of a three-track remix EP, Jubei’s remix is flanked by the original mix and an equally enthralling remix from dubstep don, Caspa.

Section feat. Sinéad McCarthy – Perfect Space (Kumarachi Remix) [Audio Addict]
With support from Pascal, Bladerunner, Tyke, and Ed Solo, to name a few, Perfect Space is a deep vocal tune from newly formed Essex duo, Section. This remix, from Nottingham artist Kumarachi, is built around a hovering bassline, but really takes flight when Sinéad McCarthy’s soulful vocal is juxtaposed against the track’s deep bass tones. Perfect Space comes as part of the Stop, Drop, & Roll EP, and is featured alongside three other phenomenally dark tunes all worth the price of admission.

René LaVice – Hotblooded (Original Mix) [RAM]
Hotblooded is the new high-powered EP from RAM artist René LaVice, and the title-track brings huge dancefloor energy and a raw, distorted sound design. In typical René LaVice fashion, the tune’s synthesizers are overdriven to piping hot levels, while the drums ring out with live-sounding reverb. The irresistible vocal comes by way of Ivy Mairi–the same vocalist featured on René LaVice’s prior tracks The Calling and Insidious. The Hotblooded EP is out via RAM Records and features two other tracks including Bill Folderson, which we premiered right here on LessThan3.