May 31, 2015
The Rinse 13
BCee - Come & Join Us (Original Mix) [Spearhead]
Blockwork - Morning Music (Random Movement Remix) [Fokuz]
LSB - Mist of You (Original Mix) [Soul:R]
Break - Give It Up (Original Mix) [Symmetry]
Joe Ford - VE3 (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Vaults - Lifespan (Spor Remix) [Virgin EMI]
Nouwa - Last Confrontation (Original Mix) [Breed 12 Inches]
Nero - The Thrill (Rene LaVice's Thrillseeking Remix) [MTA]
Sub Zero - Backyard Skank (Original Mix) [Playaz]
Zinc - Back Up (DnB Mix) [Bingo Bass]
Spectrasoul - Shelter VIP (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]

The Rinse is back with a heaping helping of new drum & bass. In light of the fact that Joe Ford, Drumsound & Bassline Smith, and Culture Shock seized control of our D&B series in the preceding weeks, there are quite a few tunes to include in this week’s lesson. So sharpen your pencils students, it’s time to hit you with some knowledge.

BCee – Come & Join Us (Original Mix) [Spearhead]
Come & Join Us is the title track from BCee’s third album, a 14-track masterpiece featuring S.P.Y., Hybrid Minds, and LSB, among others. Come & Join Us is a particular standout on the album, delivering an ecclesiastical vibe with a slow and deliberate organ melody juxtaposed against a ravaging break. The album comes by way of BCee’s own Spearhead Records and is available in both vinyl and digital formats.

Blockwork – Morning Music (Random Movement Remix) [Fokuz]
Random Movement has been on a tear lately, coming off of a massive remix of Vandera’s Ring the Alarm covered right here on The Rinse a few weeks ago. His new EP Sleazy Bitch keeps the vibes rolling with three tracks of intelligent D&B, two of which are original mixes, and the third is this superb remix of D&B duo Blockwork’s Morning Music. The Floridian’s remix is brimming with summertime vibes, showcasing a guitar-like riff on top of swirling pads and harmonic synth stabs. The full EP is available via Fokuz Recordings.

LSB – Mist of You (Original Mix) [Soul:R]
LSB’s latest EP FourFit 03 is quite simply a requirement. The Essex native has touched several labels throughout his nine-year career, but his feature as part of Soul:R’s FourFit series represents his debut on Marcus Intalex’ imprint. While all four tracks are stunning, Mist of You is a proper soulful number, rolling out a subdued bassline, melancholic strings, and an occasional piano accent. This entire EP is one to write home about.

Break – Give It Up (Original Mix) [Symmetry]
Break presents this second edition of Symmetry Recordings’ Symmetry Sessions, and Give It Up is just one of six amazing tunes that can be had on this release. Give It Up starts in an unassuming manner, pairing a crooning R&B vocal with an electric piano, but it soon gets nasty with an unrelenting bassline. While Give It Up is certainly a gem, the rest of the EP is equally impressive and features production from Need for Mirrors, Mako, and HLZ, to name a few.

Joe Ford – VE3 (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Joe Ford’s latest EP All Of Us hit the scene last week and blew up across the blogoshpere. Not only did Joe take over last week’s edition of The Rinse, but he’s also been heavily featured on prominent D&B outlets like UKF and Radio 1Xtra. Joe’s VE3 is absolute chaos, raising anxiety levels with a plucked lead, grinding mid-bass, and splitting breaks.

Vaults – Lifespan (Spor Remix) [Virgin EMI]
Spor takes new London group Vaults’ Lifespan and injects it with a nigh unimaginable level of aggression, replete with pressurized percussion and gritty synthetics for a dancefloor experience. Fortunately, the original’s vocals make it into Spor’s remix, awash in haunting reverb and delay. Spor’s remix is part of an official Vaults remix package available via Virgin EMI.

Nouwa – Last Confrontation (Original Mix) [Breed 12 Inches]
Burgeoning Russian artist Nouwa came out of nowhere last week with his rude new EP Redskin/Confrontation. Both tracks have hints of ’90s rave-era elements, assimilating the highly resonant and jagged synthesis often found in tracks from that time period. With support already coming form the likes of Noisia and Black Sun Empire, Nouwa’s latest on the Breed 12 Inches imprint is mandatory listening.

Nero – The Thrill (René LaVice’s Thrillseeking Remix) [MTA]
RAM artist René LaVice has been on the shortlist of remixers for some serious industry heavyweights including A-Trak, The Prodigy, and Wilkinson, among others. The Canadian transforms Nero’s The Thrill into a knock-down, drag-out masher, implementing live drums and ample vocal distortion to give his remix a punk rock vibe. While there is no official release information surrounding René’s remix, it is available in full on Nero’s SoundCloud page.

Sub Zero – Backyard Skank (Original Mix) [Playaz]
Up for a bit of skanking? Sub Zero’s Backyard Skank fits the bill. Featuring a syncopated bassline, Backyard Skank will get those necks in shape with an irresistible, head-nodding groove. This dancefloor salvo comes as part of a brilliant six-track EP that coalesces around the jump-up flavor of D&B, but strays into liquid territory with track Hearts on Fire. Make sure to pick up the full EP out on Playaz Recordings.

Zinc – Back Up (DnB Mix) [Bingo Bass]
D&B veteran Zinc is no stranger to hit records. With numerous chart-toppers throughout his storied career like Steppin Stones and Wile Out, his latest offering couldn’t have come any sooner. This release is the third volume of his Structure series–a series that kicked off in August and marked his first return to the studio in almost four years. This particular track, Back Up, is vintage Zinc, propelled by a rhythmically entrancing plucked lead and loose breakbeat. Featured alongside tunes of various genres, Back Up is available on Zinc’s own Bingo Bass.

Spectrasoul – Shelter VIP (Original Mix) [Shogun Audio]
Fortunately for D&B fans, Shogun Audio duo Spectrasoul is closing in on their highly anticipated studio album The Mistress. As an appetizer, the producers have released Shelter, a downtempo number that’s as beautiful as it is crestfallen and features the emotive voice of Lily McKenzie. However, the duo’s VIP D&B edit is a soulful, dancefloor-ready workout that brings the energy with a hovering bassline and sizzling snares. This track is available as part of a three-track offering which also features Two Inch Punch on remix duties.