Apr 19, 2011
The Return of Burial
Burial - Street Halo [Hyperdub]
Burial - Stolen Dog [Hyperdub]

Burial is a musician who needs no introduction; he’s a name that can be cited as an influence by almost every dubstep and garage artist out there. In 2006, his self-title debut album was released to outstanding critical acclaim, and was even named album of the year by The Wire Magazine. Flash forward to 2007 and his second album was enjoying the same praise, becoming the second highest rated album that year on Metacritic. Since then his releases have been extremely limited–that is until just recently. He’s released a new EP titled Street Halo. The EP is only three tracks long, but it’s safe to say it’s all about quality over quantity with this record.

In short, Street Halo is more of what you’d expect from Burial. Slowed down, spectral grooves and smoky sampling create a dense fog around the listener. The title track uses what others have deemed “barely there” lyrics to great effect. If you’re into this kind of chilled out music, this is definitely up your alley. Perhaps my favorite track on the EP is Stolen Dog. I’m a fan of music that takes you on a journey, and this track does just that. The layering is phenomenal in this song, and the fine attention to detail really pays off. There’s so much going on here that it’s easy to miss the subtle nuances that make this song so special. If you have the time, take a close listen to this song to enjoy everything that went into making it.

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