Jun 06, 2011
The Return of Above & Beyond
Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston - Love Is not Enough (Album Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond feat Richard Bedford - On My Way to Heaven (Album Mix) [Anjunabeats]
Above & Beyond feat Zoë Johnston - Only a Few Things (Album Mix) [Anjunabeats]

Above & Beyond’s one-of-a-kind shining jewel has touched down. Finally the global trance family has their hands on the most highly anticipated album of the year, Group Therapy. A sequel to their critically acclaimed 2006 album Tri-State, Above & Beyond once again have delivered a heartwarming masterpiece. Holding enormous production values worthy of their name, the UK phenomenon have not only lived up to their reputation but have taken the genre to new levels. Bringing back their favorite singers Zoë Johnston and Richard Bedford, Group Therapy stands at the summit of the new decade.

For awhile some questioned whether trance in America would really take off–but thanks to Above & Beyond delivering the best the genre has to offer with top-tier shows all across North America, trance has been a huge part of the EDM explosion in the states. From the days when only a few in the audience would know the lyrics to a song, Above & Beyond have pioneered the way to where the entire audience at their Group Therapy show in LA sang their hearts out to their new hit Sun & Moon. The man behind the tune’s emotion, Richard Bedford has returned to stardom once more since the classic Alone Tonight on Tri-State. Carrying a strong presence on the fifteen track album, his voice is draped with the most heart-piercing violins in On My Way To Heaven. His voice also supports the upcoming single Thing Called Love. Not included on the album, Above & Beyond and Richard recently released a free tune With Your Hope available for free download here.

Besides providing support for Bedford’s vocals, the album strongly establishes a deep atmosphere that well suits the enchanting voice of none other than Zoë Johnston. Continuing her legacy since the unforgettable No One On Earth and Good For Me, her voice blesses six of the album’s tunes. Perhaps my favorite for its soothing progressive groove, Love Is Not Enough explores the very best of Zoë’s voice. Known for some of the best chill-out tunes, Above & Beyond also share some of their most heartfelt sounds in Only A Few Things. The ethereal composition is a precious symphony of wind chimes, gentle piano melodies, and Zoë’s breathtaking vocals.

With so much to live up to since Tri-State, Above & Beyond performed the impossible with an album that lives up to the hype. Focusing their efforts towards pristine harmony rather than club potential, Group Therapy shines as a glowing beacon of trance inspiration.Sure to be forever known as supreme masters of their craft, I already anticipate some serious remixes to be arriving in the coming future.

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