Feb 16, 2011
The Receptionist
Receptor - Girls (Original Mix) [Beta]
Receptor - Ass (Original Mix) [Hospital]

Although their numbers are sparse, Russian artists hold their ground like no other in the worldwide dance music scene. Giant and Moonbeam may come to mind with their refreshing takes on the burgeoning genres of dubstep and progressive house, respectively. The Giant post mentioned a huge bass-centric event in Russia featuring international and Russian talent; today, we get to meet another local on those decks.

If you’re a hardcore drum’n’bass junkie, you’ll scoff–of course you know this Russian prodigy. For the rest of us dabblers though, meet Receptor. He’s been throwing out tunes destructive enough to grab the attention of esteemed labels like Hospital. I got introduced because his track Ass was front and center in their Hospitality D+B 2011 yearmix. The audaciously named track shreds it up with a relentless up-and-down ride of wild noises and a heart-stopping bassline. As if Ass weren’t good enough by itself, Receptor also gives you melody-driven gems like Girls. The best part is the house breakdown; who knew he could sneak that in?

Receptor draws upon both the banging tech-bass sounds of Noisia and the melodious spirit of Pendulum. The Russians certainly prove that you don’t need an established scene and tradition in your immediate surroundings to go and make some jaw-dropping tunes. I wouldn’t be surprised to see him as a regular in several years on the drum’n’bass circuit with the big boys.

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