Aug 17, 2010
The Real Kamui
Organ Donors - New Era (Kamui Remix) [Audio Re-Surge]
Kamui - Electro Slut (Original Mix) [Fe]
Kamui - Get Lifted (Origlnal Mix) [Songbird]

Kamui, a duo based in Germany, first caught my attention a couple years back when their track, Get Lifted, was featured on In Search of Sunrise 7. This moving melodic masterpiece is still one of my all-time favorite prog house tracks.

I looked them up, hopeful to find some similar tracks. That’s when I realized that Kamui wasn’t who I expected at all…AT ALL. With track names like Electro Slut and remixes with artists like Organ Donors, Kamui turned out to be a bit harder than I anticipated. As a matter of fact, Get Lifted is actually the only prog house track they’ve ever released.

Although Kamui’s productions touch upon different genres like electro house, their specialty is really hard trance. They’re regulars at hard dance festivals across Europe like Defqon.1 and InQontrol, and although I’m not a big fan of that genre, Kamui’s stuff is hot. Some of their latest releases, like a remix of New Era by Organ Donors, blends together epic hardstyle-esque melodies with hard hard beats. If you’re more a fan of normal trance fan like me, this stuff is refreshing. It’s trance with balls.

Take a listen to Kamui and prepare to get lifted…and assaulted.

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