Jul 02, 2014
The Prodigy’s ‘Violent-Sounding’ Album Is Finished

With full-length albums from a list of artists growing long enough to fill this page, could 2014 get any better? Yes. Yes it could. Go ahead and add ’90s UK rave icons The Prodigy to that list, and then slap on a couple of their vicious classics while you smash everything in sight (out of joy, of course).

NME reports that the firestarting trio who brought the culture such inextinguishable anthems as Voodoo People, Omen, and Smack My B*tch Up will release their first studio album since 2008’s Invaders Must Die before the end of this year.

Frontman Liam Howlett describes the now-complete album to NME in an interview:

“It’s more violent-sounding; it feels wilder. It’s not so much old-school. It’s neither guitar-based not synth-based; it’s kind of a mixture.” He added: “It doesn’t feel so radio-friendly to me; it feels like its got a lot of edge.”

The now-untitled album was going to be called How To Steal A Jet Fighter, but Howlett has new plans, and no, he won’t tell us.

“I’ve got a new title but you can’t have it. It’s too early! I’ve written everything and I’m basically going through each track and making sure they’re firing.”

Read the story and full interview via NME, and if you’re in the UK and Europe, see if you can catch them live this summer.

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