Apr 14, 2011
The Planets Have Faces
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Ado's Scratch & Snuff Mix) [Lektroluv]
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Original Mix) [Lektroluv]
The Subs - The Face of the Planet (Style of Eye Remix) [Lektroluv]

Belgian group The Subs definitely do things their own way, having cited Daft Punk, Underworld, and The Chemical Brothers-style artist albums as influences. Constantly reinventing themselves as they explore new sonic territory, the group has brought many memorable tracks to our lives. With their new single, The Face of the Planet from recently released album Decontrol, they’ve again experimented with a new sound and found yet another successful formula. With a dark and twisted synth beat and interesting vocal track, this is a unique gem.

Techno-fiend Style of Eye has stepped up to the plate to deliver yet another techno smasher remix; does this guy ever release any bad music? We recently also covered his original mix of Sexx, which is also as good as it sounds. Deep, dark, and twisted was the theme in Ado’s Scratch & Snuff mix as well, except his rendition comes packed with an electro-infused punch of its own.

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