Oct 09, 2011
The One
Bart B More & Harvard Bass - The Dark One (Original Mix) [Secure]
Bart B More & Harvard Bass - The Funky One (Original Mix) [Secure]

Bart B More has had a vicious year, releasing scores of tracks while touring the hell out of the festival circuit. Similar things can be said about American producer Harvard Bass, whose recent developments into tech house have shaken the genre’s foundations. Now the two have joined forces once again to bring you a two-song EP sure to drop hard and rage harder. If you caught their last collaboration Listen To This, released on Boysnoize Records, you know pretty much what to expect: Top-tier tech-electro bangers.

The One EP is pretty self-explanatory. The Dark One will break your bones and crush your mind with an ocean of tech obscenities. Once it’s on full blast, you’ll know; thick bass, snappy snares and grinding electro-synths all fire off at once. Definitely something that’s dropped in the second half of a live set. The Funky One, like the name suggests, forgoes the heaviness of the first track for something a little more lighthearted. A playful bassline goes for a romp with off-beat guitar riffs and an electro-horn for a very different shade of bass.

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