Jul 08, 2011
The New Blue
Bluetech - Seed to Soil [Interchill]
Bluetech - 667 (Kalya Scintilla Remix)
Bluetech - Mycorrhiza Mambo

Dick found a new favorite artist to hype, so strap on your dancing shoes and turn up the volume. After several recommendations from like-minded peers, I finally got my hands on something Bluetech. After listening to his track Seed to Soil, I knew I had found something timeless, epic, awesome. Bluetech’s music is organic, glitchy, and tribal all at once–a powerful combination, considering his downtempo proclivities. I always hype the downtempo; its just got a feel to me that other EDM is lacking.

Bluetech’s sound is ambient and progressive all at the same time. The percussion, the bass, the tones and chimes–they all come together euphonically. I’ll be seeing him this weekend at Camp Bisco X, where he’ll be promoting his new album Rainforest Reverberation (album artwork above). This is probably one of the sets that I’m looking most forward to out of the 3-day Bisco event, and I urge you all to meet there on the festival field to get down to some funky pysbient bluetech awesome-itude.

As far what you should listen to, I’m going to pass along Seed to Soil off of his album Love Songs to the Source; it only seems appropriate, seeing as it’s what sold me on Bluetech. Off of Rainforest Reverberation, check out the Kalya Scintilla remix of 667 and Mycorrhiza Mambo, both examples of his musical intelligence. The proceeds from Rainforest Reverberation sales are going to charities that support rainforest preservation. He’s hoping to parlay the release into something greater that will help him collaborate with many musicians throughout the Ecuadorian countryside–I can hardly wait.

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