May 28, 2011
The Music Box
Tomoyuki Sakakida - Furaibow (KaNa Remix) [Galaxy Recz]

Before we get started, hit that play button. Bam–welcome to Japan. We’re taken far away with KaNa‘s new release, a remix of Furaibow, and that’s a very good thing; here, far away from what we’ve come to expect from progressive house, we dance among an array of incredible new sounds and interesting takes on the genre. We’ve certainly come to expect a great deal from our partner label, Otographic Music, but KaNa has truly raised the bar once again.

Instead of discussing this track, I think I’ll describe a visual accompaniment. Picture a lost young and timid adventurer wandering in the forest, quickly becoming worried as the sun just begins to set through the trees. Out of the corner of his eye he notices movement, and turning around he catches glimpse of a mysterious feminine spirit off in the distance. Curious and intrigued, he playfully chases after her through the woods until he comes upon her in plain sight, sitting on a stump with a music box. Before he can move any closer, she winds it up and lets it go. Suddenly the forest becomes still, as if bowing to the beautiful melody drifting out from the small device. The boy’s world seems to move in half-time now as his gaze rises only to find the girl staring right back at him. Relishing in their new shared connection, he cracks a smile and approaches the girl and grasps her hand. And with that–they’re off, back through the woods on the rest of their adventure.

I hope you liked that description, and the track even more! It was actually sneak peeked on her recent podcast on Tokyo Bliss–make sure to check it out! And stay tuned for more great things from KaNa and make sure to get a chance to see her live from Japan as part of an exclusive Otographic Music concert we’ll be streaming to the site in June! More details on that soon <3.

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