Jun 10, 2010
The Mau5 Does It Again

Love him or hate him, Deadmau5 has had a pretty spectacular rise to fame in the EDM community. Even many EDM naysayers know who he is because of his unmistakable gimmick – the helmet designed to look like, well, a dead mouse. The rate at which Deadmau5 (real name: Joel Zimmerman) releases new tracks makes him a veritable goldmine for the current singles-driven music industry, and, other than the ubiquitous David Guetta, he doesn’t appear to have much competition in the race for number one DJ of 2010.

Deadmau5’s tracks can be somewhat hit-or-miss for me, but I am really enjoying his new release “Some Chords.” It’s smart electro house that is more than ready to be a heavy hitter on the dancefloor. Here’s hoping his upcoming releases will have a similar quality to this. Enjoy!