Jan 21, 2014
The M Machine Powers Up For ‘Superflat’
The M Machine - Superflat (Original Mix) [OWSLA]

After the hugely popular, two-part album Metropolis culminated last year, The M Machine follows up with a new single, titled Superflat. The track materialized after the trio experimented with a vocal synthesizer tool called Vocaloid, which emulates the voice of a young Japanese girl.

Combining the eerie, chopped-up vocals with their signature glitchy electro synths really shows off how the group is experimenting with new sounds while not alienating their core audience. It has just enough novelty to feel fresh while still sounding like The M Machine that we’ve come to adore. The group also mentioned that while Superflat is different stylistically from where they are with the music in their current album in progress, “it’s remained a song we love to play and watch people respond to.”

the m machine superflat

Superflat was released today on OWSLA, so download it on Beatport here.

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