Sep 28, 2014
The M Machine Make Their Audio San Francisco Debut
The M Machine - Space Jams: OWSLA After Dark Pt. III

When San Francisco-based trio The M Machine play one of their rare hometown shows, fans from all over the Bay show up to see what the boys have been cookin’ up. This past weekend, The M Machine’s venue of choice was current SF “it” club Audio, an establishment that has quickly distinguished itself as a trendsetter in the Bay Area that books the best acts in electronic music.

Opening the Select Entertainment-curated Friday night was local duo Enso (pictured below), a pair who are veritable experts at playing a perfect opening set. In what was their largest Bay Area set to date, the boys had the opportunity to play four tracks from their upcoming EP back-to-back, and the intelligent mix of big room sensibilities coupled with deeper vibes left it clear that these guys already know exactly what a late 2014-2015 club crowd wants–energy and versatility.

The M Machine stayed a bit more intimate for this show than their last SF outing at 1015 Folsom, only bringing along two of the members and trading in their live show for CDJs and fresh house music. This clearly went off well, as I have attended Audio many times and have never seen as full of a house and as lively a crowd. With velvety red walls that pulsated to the beat and an LED tunnel behind the booth that reminds you of a Pussycat Dolls video in the best way possible, the club’s energy moved in visible waves from the front to the back of the crowd.

Seeing The M Machine reign victorious in their personal stomping grounds is enough to make any San Franciscan with a penchant for electronic music swell with pride. This feeling of hometown camaraderie was palpable on Friday at Audio, all soundtracked by one of the most musically talented groups out there. It was authentic, it was unifying, it was San Francisco.

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