Feb 19, 2013
The M Machine Completes Metropolis
The M Machine feat. Blake Hazard - The Palace (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
The M Machine - Tiny Anthem (Original Mix) [OWSLA]
The M Machine - Moon Song (Original Mix)[OWSLA]

Since the release of Metropolis Part 1, The M Machine has toured around North America and Europe, supporting Skrillex, Porter Robinson, and even headlining gigs of their own. Finally, after nearly a year of waiting, they’ve released the second part of their electronic fantasia on OWSLA. Metropolis Part 2 concludes their first full-length album, an homage to a 1920s film of the same name.

You’ll instantly recognize The M Machine’s distinct sound upon hearing the first track, The Palace, a dubstep track with vocals from Blake Hazard. They change up the tempo as the album progresses, and by the time you’ve reached Tiny Anthem, you’ll find yourself moving in slow motion with every graceful, stunning chord. Next up is Moon Song, an electrifying house banger soon to be heard in nightclubs from coast to coast.

Beatport has both parts of this iconic album so that you can experience this story in its entirety. Stay up to date with the latest from The M Machine via their SoundCloud.

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