Oct 21, 2010
The Love You Seek
Tim Berg - Seek Bromance (Avicii's Vocal Extended Mix) [Armada]

Back in May, Toothless posted about the Avicii/Tim Berg track Bromance, which subsequently became a major house hit. Now Armada has taken the reins, attempting to make this record a pop crossover hit with the new name Seek Bromance (buy it here), and I think they’ve done a damn good job of it.

What’s the first secret to making a house track a pop smash? Add a vocal. That is just what has happened here. The vocalist who as yet remains unknown (shoot me a comment if you know who it is!) gives a heartfelt vocal performance with just the right amount of soul, reminiscent of Stacie Orrico. And of course, there is Avicii’s sick synth drop that gives a new level of excitement and energy to the track.

The second secret to a pop hit? A video! Check it out below. This video and track present new ideas on the boundaries of sexuality, gender roles, and love that until now have never really been explored musically to my knowledge. I personally am a big advocate of the messages this song sends, so take a listen and open your heart.

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